Armyde Peignier​

In addition to its immediate capacity of seduction, Armyde Peigner 's photography  affirms its singularity both by the subject, and by the manner treatened of it. However, the artist turns her camera towards her children and nature, two usual, if not recurring topics of the medium. But her photographies use such a precise scene setting that the glance is immediatly touched and incidentally raises the question of the spontaneousness. Is this because she knows that the wolf is not there that Armyde Peigner so readily lets her children play in the parks, the forests and woods? Hence the strange charm, almost a perverse bit which comes out of these enigmatic scenes, kind of ludic and spontaneous rebuses. Working at the edge of reality, Armyde Peigner works out with grace and smoothness a poetic and mental world, affectionate and wild, between wonders and invisible threats, where the children invent their games in complicity with the very sap of the fairy tales. Thwarting the traps of esthetism and insipidness, these images more probable than reasonable, are to be read as one turns the pages of an album of hidden memories which conceal the scars of time in the fugacious joys and carefree frolicking of the moment.

Text: Christine De Naeyer
Design: Dojo design
French / English
80 pages
26,5 x 22 cm
Printed in duotone
Hard cover

ISBN : 978-2-930115-12-2
Price : 30.00 €