Daniel Desmedt
Le dernier carré

Once there was a little garden ... The “Carré Tillens” in Brussels is a small piece of forgotten countryside, still crisscrossed by ancient paths. This piece of land is the site of unlikely meetings:for many years it has been unofficially cultivated by vegetable gardeners of many different nationalities. 
Today, with the support of local residents and the local council, it has been re-arranged to provide a space for social experiments, for exchanges between the generations and for the passing-on of market-gardening knowledge. Daniel Desmedt has always been interested in the traces left by humans on the landscape, and has photographed the changes to the “Carré Tillens” over the last fifteen years. The gardens have undergone changes in parallel with changes in his private life. In the beginning, Daniel Desmedt took the time to discover the countryside, to feel it and to tame it using his “technical room” on its tripod.

Text: Jean-Louis Godefroid

Design: Dojo Design

80 pages
21 x 24 cm
Printed in quadtone
Hard cover

ISBN : 978-2-930115-14-6
Price : 27.00 €