Jean-Yves Camus

Jean-Yves Camus’s photographic essay relates a story of the earth. It visually and freely recounts events from the past, events that are prehistoric (literally, before the time of stories and the language of things) and antediluvian (again literally, before the great rains of the flood from other stories). It is a story of soil, flora and climate.

In this sense it is an elementary story, an initial and primordial story (if not of origins, at least well before death) related to the elements: air, water, fire and earth, like four elements of vocabulary from the lexicon of this visual discourse.

Antonio Guzmán

Essay: Antonio Guzman

Design: Dojo Design
Français / Anglais
78 pages
29,5 x 24,5 cm

Printed in quadtone
Hard cover


ISBN : 978-2-930115-21-4
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