Photographic Fields

Format 23 x 29 cm
Text by Antonio Guzman 
French and english
40 pages 
20 potographs in 4 colours

Book with special print : 100 euros all incl.

Impossible to do nothing during this convalescence. Sleeping for eighteen hours, day and night merging together in episodes, exhausted by the medication andthe virus. Need to make the most of this quarantine. Taking photographs, without seeing clearl y, with out controlling anything, of piles of papers (prospectuses, early stages of drawings, mail to attend to), because the strength to tidy them up is not there.Finding them, later, t hese little abandoned pictures on the corner of the desk, under the unpaid bills, the dust and the cigarette ash that have accumulated there. They have altered, the colours have changed; no memory of what had been photographed.
Re-photographing them, discovering the imperfections
on the surface, the scratches from the Instantflex mechanism, choosing not to choose, not to intervene. No reason to take any more, nor to remove any from the series. Fifteen images for a probable recovery. JVA, 21st October 2017

[...] These images are neither windows nor mirrors. They do not open onto an exterior space. Being scarcely perceptible, we try to see, not a sensation, but an emotion, an introspection: fifteen visual verses to outwit boredom, to break the spell, to ward off depression, randomness, the unspoken, night-time demons, illness and perhaps death, like impromptu incantations. Antonio Guzmán

ISBN : 978-2-930115-56-6
Price : 25.00 €