Équilibre instable



As it came to an end the Tunisian revolution left a void that young Tunisians have had to live with since then. Emancipated and bewildered, in a country that is torn between progressive laypersons and religious conservators, their identity is shaken up. Having entered in spite of themselves a chapter of their history that extends beyond their own comprehension, they end up being shunted between the world of uncertainty and the one of guile and schemes.

Photographies: Kamel Moussa
Texts: Kamel Moussa, Jean-Marc Bodson
Design: Joël Van Audenhaege
96 pages
20 x 24 cm
Franch / English
53 photographies in quadrichromie
500 exemplaires
CoHard cover

Ouvrage édité par Le bec en l’air (Marseille) en co-édition avec ARP2 Publishing (Bruxelles) Avec le soutien de Contretype (Bruxelles) et Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

ISBN : 978-2-36744-133-7
Price : 30.00 €