Marie Schuiten

Somewhere between architecture photography and sociological reporting, the work of Marie Schuiten reveals to us the spirit of vernacular architecture. She does not seek to reproduce what is self-evident, but instead to convey to us the very essence of this architecture, which has touched so many architects throughout the world.

The photographer gently rests her gaze on this raw-earth architecture which emerged in the middle of the Egyptian desert. She invites us to share her passion for these abandoned villages, to look at their gently curving forms, marked by thousands of years of tradition, to stop and savour for a long instant the torpor that has enveloped them.

Texts: Marie Schuiten
Marcelle Rabinowicz
Design: Dojo design
French / English
96 pages
​21 x 24 cm
Printed in duotone
Hard cover


ISBN : 978-2-930115-27-6
Price : 32.00 €