Landing zone


It is worth underlining that the most famous metaphor in the history of art is military in origin: ‘avant-garde’ (‘vanguard’) designates the foremost part of an advancing military force, capable of paving the way for the rest of the army, providing information for, and facilitating an operation.

[…] And what if the notion of the avant-garde, explored quite literally—via documentary work on military equipment that is undergoing the latest developments in the art of war—, were to give us an idea, through a series of metaphorical reflections, of the current significance of this metaphor’s mythology?

[…] The book is a sort of manual with plans, illustrations, objects, and spaces, like the presentation of a series of actions that need to be followed, using locations, identifications, and the calculation of viewpoints and proportions: buildings, equipment, positions, phases, manoeuvres… but what is all this in preparation for?

Michel Poivert

Text: Michel Poivert
Design: Dojo Design
French / English
112 pages
17,8 x 24,8 cm
73 photographs in duotone
Hard cover


ISBN : 978-2-930115-32-0
Price : 39.00 €