Formes Lentes


Vincent Valerio’s photographs, which are very incisive, are composed in the light of day that fades just before nightfall, or just before its return at dawn, when everything is bathed in the bluish light that infiltrates every space. This curious and unique beautiful light, which is almost supernatural, creates an immense and dense landscape, allowing us to contemplate the emerging details of this world.

Text: Christian François
Design: Dojodesign
32 pages
26 x 32 cm
Franch / AEnglish
22 photographs in quadtone
Soft cover and jaquette

Exemplaires signés et numérotés accompagnés d’un tirage 
photographique sur demande

Co-production - Association LIBrE (Nancy - FR)

Distribution Belgium/France/Switzerland/Germany

ISBN : 978-2-930115-41-2
Price : 25.00 €