Cape distance

These landscape photos were taken by Werner Hannappel in the north of Europe (Germany, France, Ireland, Scandinavia) in spare, remote borderlands that, silent and bewitching, reveal deserted stretches of land which capture our gaze, here leading it to the horizon, there confronting a distant mountain range. In most cases, the site is singled out by some particularity, the trace of human passage or natural phenomena, sometimes the result of the tenous or subtle happentstance, sometimes of the performance of nature itself: the brilliant line of a canal, the swell of an oncoming wave, a shape drawn by grass, a copse that seems to be in motion... These shapes, both commonplace and remarkable, constitute an image which, at the crossroads of photography, Land Art, and sculpture,
offers itself up to contemplation.

Text: Tim Robinson
Design: Joël Van Audenhaege
French / English
68 pages
30 x 28 cm
Printed in duotone
Hard cover

ISBN : 2-930115-03-3
Price : 35.00 €