Séquences / Paysages
Observatoire photographique du paysage

SEQUENCES / PAYSAGES 2000 presents and discusses photographic series wich allow us to see the changes, and sometimes the upheavals, wich have marked French landscape over the last century. More surprisingly, these series show us how the landscape is being modified today, from one year to the next.

SEQUENCES / PAYSAGES 2000 is the review of the Photographic Observatory of Landscape. The Observatory's role, conducted by the Landscape Office of Regional Planning and the Environment, is to place France under a kind of photographic surveillance. In an effort to address the problems of landscape evolution, artists and planners have been closely associated. This original approach is, it would appear, unique.

Photographers : Gérard Dalla Santa, Alain Ceccaroli, Gérard Dufresne, Anne-Marie Filaire, Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

Design: Thierry Dubreil &
Joël Van Audenhaege
French / English
23,5 x 32 cm
112 pages
Printed in duotone and tritone
Soft cover

ISBN : 2-930115-05-4
Price : 27.00 €